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I am based in the Western Cape. I have a studio at my home where I spend my days creating works of art.

Art has always played an important role in my life. I began my journey as a full-time artist in 1994 after my son was born and have never looked back. My inspirations for painting are emotion, light, shadow, mood and colour. Each artwork is created using a combination of various mediums. My use of colour is instinctive and I am gently obsessed with fine detail. Through my artwork I portray emotion and feeling which takes the viewer along a path that evokes feelings that are special to them. My work is often described as peaceful, gentle and spiritual. It is important to me that each one of my paintings preserves it’s unmistakable individuality which I portray through my own unique style.

I am passionate about my art and it is a great pleasure to be able to paint each day. I believe that an artist should nurture one’s talent or it will go away - feed it and most of all, use it.

I have exhibited my work at many exhibitions over the years and most recently at the Grahamstown Art Festival. My work can be seen at various galleries in the Cape and it hangs in many private and corporate collections throughout South Africa and the world.